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Offshore Leaks Database

Schema › OLDB › Officer

Represents individuals associated with entities, detailing their roles and connections.


In the Offshore Leaks Database, an "Officer" refers to an individual associated with an offshore entity. This includes roles such as directors, shareholders, or beneficiaries. Officers are key components in the database's graph structure, which is designed to show the relationships and connections between various entities and individuals involved in offshore activities.

Officers are connected to entity nodes, such as companies, trusts, or foundations. These connections illustrate the roles that officers play within the entities, such as owning shares, holding directorship positions, or benefiting from the entities' activities. By clicking on an officer node, users can access detailed information about the individual and explore their connections to various entities and other related nodes.

The visualization of these connections helps users trace the involvement of individuals in multiple entities, providing insights into the network of relationships within the offshore financial world. This can be crucial for understanding the ownership and control structures of offshore entities and identifying potential patterns or irregularities in offshore activities.