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Offshore Leaks Database

Schema › OLDB › Entity

Represents legal entities such as companies, trusts, or foundations.


In the Offshore Leaks Database, an "Entity" refers to a specific type of node that represents a legal entity, such as a company, trust, or foundation, registered in an offshore jurisdiction. Entities are central elements in the database and serve as the focal points for various relationships and connections to other nodes.

For example, an entity node for a company might show its registration details, jurisdiction, and connections to its officers and addresses. By exploring the connections, users can uncover the network of relationships that the entity has, such as who the directors are and where the entity is registered​.

This structure allows for an in-depth investigation into the ownership and control of offshore entities, helping to identify patterns of behavior and relationships between various offshore activities. The goal of presenting entities in this interconnected manner is to provide transparency and help users understand the complexities of offshore financial networks​.