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Offshore Leaks Database


The current version of the Offshore Leaks database released between Dec. 6, 2021 and May 3, 2022 was built by ICIJ:
  • Developers: Caroline Desprat, Madeline O’Leary, Pierre Romera, Maxime Vanza
  • Database developer: Miguel Fiandor
  • Design: Antonio Cucho
  • Data reporters and researchers: Agustin Armendariz, Delphine Reuter, Jelena Cosic, Jesús Escudero, Karrie Kehoe, Mago Torres, Margot Williams, Denise Hassanzade Ajiri, Sean McGoey, Nicole Sadek
  • Data & research editor: Emilia Díaz-Struck
  • Chief technology officer: Pierre Romera
  • Online editor: Hamish Boland-Rudder
  • Digital editor: Asraa Mustufa
  • System administrators: Jorge González, Javier Ladrón de Guevara

Previous versions

Version 2 (May 9, 2016 - Dec. 6, 2021)

The ICIJ Offshore Leaks database was built by the ICIJ Data & Research Unit and Spanish product studio Populate.

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Version 1 (June 14, 2013 - May 9, 2016)

The original Offshore Leaks Database, launched in June 14, 2013 and available up to May 9, 2016, was developed by:

La Nación (Costa Rica) Team
  • Data Manager: Rigoberto Carvajal
  • Web Application Developer: Matthew Caruana Galizia
  • Designer: Marco Hernández
  • Project Manager Giannina Segnini
  • Data Journalism Manager: Duncan Campbell
  • Programmer and Coordinator: Matthew Fowler
  • Data Research Manager: Mar Cabra
  • Data Editor: David Donald
  • Operational Support: Erik Lincoln
  • ICIJ Director: Gerard Ryle
  • ICIJ Deputy Director: Marina Walker
  • Digital Editor: Kimberley Porteous
  • Researcher: Emily Menkes

Panama Papers' Power Players

The Panama Papers Power Players were integrated into the Offshore Leaks Database in November 2017.


There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. The inclusion of a person or entity in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database is not intended to suggest or imply that they have engaged in illegal or improper conduct. Many people and entities have the same or similar names. We suggest you confirm the identities of any individuals or entities included in the database based on addresses or other identifiable information. The data comes directly from the leaked files ICIJ has received in connection with various investigations and each dataset encompasses a defined time period specified in the database. Some information may have changed over time. Please contact us if you find an error in the database.

There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. Read more