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Offshore Leaks Database

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A data models of offshore entities and their beneficiaries, officers, and intermediaries.


This data model is the original data model for the Offshore Leaks data. It was designed for investigating offshore entities. It includes definitions of key entities such as officer, address and intermediary. The model allows entities to reference one another, creating a comprehensive graph of relationships crucial for thorough investigations.

This model was created following a series of high-profile investigations that exposed the hidden world of offshore finance. These investigations, led by the ICIJ, include the Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, and Swiss Leaks. Through these extensive investigations, vast amounts of data were uncovered, revealing how wealthy individuals and corporations use offshore structures to hide assets and evade taxes.

The Offshore Leaks Database was developed to manage and make sense of this complex data. By organizing the information into a structured model, it helps journalists, researchers, and the public to better understand and investigate the intricate web of offshore entities and their connections, promoting transparency and accountability in global finance.


API endpoints (private)

The API is currently in beta, which means it is still under development and testing to ensure its functionality and reliability. If you are interested in gaining early access, please fill out this form. We follow the OpenAPI Specification version 2.0, ensuring a consistent and robust framework for defining our RESTful web services. This standard allows for clear documentation, easy integration, and enhanced interoperability with various tools and platforms. You can view the OpenAPI's definitions here (JSON).