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Offshore Leaks Database

Schema › OLDB › Node

A fundamental element representing various components of offshore financial activities.


In Offshore Leaks Database, a "node" refers to an element in the database's graph structure used to represent entities and their connections. These nodes can be individuals, companies, addresses, or intermediaries. Each node is part of an interactive visualization that helps users explore relationships between different entities within the offshore financial world.

For instance, a company node may be connected to nodes representing its shareholders, beneficiaries, and addresses. Clicking on a node within the visualization provides detailed information about the entity and reveals further connections to other nodes. This structure helps in understanding the complex networks of offshore entities and their stakeholders.

The nodes are connected by relationships, such as "SHAREHOLDEROF" or "REGISTEREDADDRESS," which illustrate how different entities are linked. The database uses these connections to show the relationships between offshore entities and their related parties, helping users to trace ownership and control structures.