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Offshore Leaks Database

Data from
Panama Papers - Mossack Fonseca


Entity (11)

Role From To Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
HATFIELD DEVELOP GROUP LIMITED Shareholder 20-NOV-2012 08-APR-2014 01-NOV-2012 British Virgin Islands Active Panama Papers
LAIRDALE DEVELOPMENT INC. Shareholder 20-NOV-2012 - 23-OCT-2012 British Virgin Islands Active Panama Papers
SUNSEA INVESTMENTS S.A. Shareholder 24-AUG-2010 - 28-APR-2008 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
ORANGEGREEN International Trading Limited Shareholder 24-AUG-2010 - 20-JAN-2009 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
COLBECK INVESTMENTS LIMITED Shareholder 24-AUG-2010 - 06-FEB-2007 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
THE SPECIALITY COMPANY LIMITED Shareholder 24-AUG-2010 - 22-APR-2009 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
GARCIA INTERNATIONAL AGENCY S.A. Shareholder 24-AUG-2010 - 29-MAY-2008 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
LC-LABOR CONTRACTORS LIMITED Shareholder 11-NOV-2010 19-SEP-2014 11-NOV-2010 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
DURRUTI INVESTMENTS LIMITED Shareholder 24-AUG-2010 - 10-JUN-2010 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
WFS- WORLDWIDE FOOD SUPPLIERS LIMITED Shareholder 19-JAN-2011 - 15-DEC-2010 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
VINDIMA HOLDINGS LIMITED Shareholder 24-AUG-2010 03-APR-2014 22-DEC-2004 British Virgin Islands Active Panama Papers

Officer (1)

Role From To Data From
CASTELLUM FIDUCIA N(NOMINEES) LIMITED Similar name and address as - - Panama Papers

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