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Offshore Leaks Database

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Panama Papers - The Power Players
President of Argentina (2003-2007);President of Argentina (2007-2015)

Néstor Kirchner; Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

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Daniel Muñoz was the private secretary and confidant of former Argentinian president Néstor Kirchner. Muñoz later also served for two years as an aide to Néstor Kirchner’s wife, Cristina Férnandez de Kirchner, who was president of Argentina from 2007 to 2015. In 2009, Muñoz was investigated for illicit enrichment, a charge that was later dropped. In 2013, Argentinian media reported that Muñoz had helped transfer “bags of money” belonging to President Néstor Kirchner from Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital, to Santa Cruz, the Kirchner’s home state. Charges in relation to the matter were dismissed in July 2015 for lack of evidence.

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Muñoz and his wife were linked to Gold Black Limited, a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in 2010 to invest in U.S. real estate. The origin of the company's funds was listed as “personal savings.” From 2010 to the beginning of 2015, the company's ownership was through bearer shares, a financial instrument that can be used to hide an owner's identity. One of the directors, Sergio Tadisco told ICIJ partner Canal Trece that he was just a figurehead who said he agreed to his name being used in 2011 because of his friendship with Muñoz and his wife. In January 2015, Muñoz and his wife became named shareholders, owning 50 percent each. By that time, Mossack Fonseca had become the registered agent of Gold Black. However, only three weeks later, its compliance department proposed resigning because Muñoz was identified in connection with the governments of the Kirchners. The resignation became effective in June 2015.


In early 2016, Muñoz had become seriously ill and could not be reached for comment.
This visualization contains relevant information in relation to the profiled individual. Some additional connections might show up once we release the full structured data connected to the Paradise Papers investigation in the coming weeks.