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Baroness and lifetime member of U.K. Parliament

Pamela Sharples

Bahamas company was used for investments

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United Kingdom


The Baroness Pamela Sharples was given a life peerage in the House of Lords in the United Kingdom after her husband Sir Richard Sharples, Governor of Bermuda, was murdered while he walked the grounds of Government House with an aide and his Great Dane. She is a member of the Conservative Party. In 2014, she told The Daily Mail that she was forced to sell the family home to pay death duties when it was ruled that her husband was not killed in the line of duty.

In the data

In 1995, Pamela Sharples became the sole shareholder of Nunswell Investments Limited, a company based in the Bahamas that she used to make investments. By 2001, her son, David Richard Sharples, had joined her as shareholder and director of the company. The elder Sharples didn't deal with Mossack Fonseca directly; she managed her company through an employee of a British law firm who also was a director, along with an accountant from another firm. Sharples used her official Parliamentary email address to communicate with them. In late 2013, they discussed whether it made sense to defer a distribution from her Nunswell account, if she didn't need the funds, to postpone paying taxes on it. The documents don't indicate whether Sharples followed through with that idea.


The law firm handling Sharples' affairs said that she became a director of Nunswell in 2000 and that the company was registered in the United Kingdom in the same year and now pays taxes to the British government. The law firm wrote that the House of Lords "has been notified of Baroness Sharples' oversight in registering her interest as a Director of Nunswell Investments Limited" and that she receives "no remuneration...nor any income or capital from that company." Her son is a director and is a shareholder of the company on behalf of a trust, "not on a personal basis."
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