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Offshore Leaks Database

Data from
Paradise Papers - Appleby


Officer (34)

Role From To Data From
Nikoosakhan - Mahmoud Director 25-DEC-2005 03-OCT-2006 Paradise Papers
Nikbakht - Habibollah Director 31-MAY-2004 25-DEC-2005 Paradise Papers
Ahmadi Abhari - Seyed Mohammad Javad Director 31-MAY-2004 - Paradise Papers
Klieman - Richard Secretary 31-MAY-2004 13-SEP-2005 Paradise Papers
Karimi Ashtiani - Hossein Director 31-MAY-2004 03-OCT-2006 Paradise Papers
Keyzad - Nader Director 03-OCT-2006 - Paradise Papers
Rabier - Gerard Director 20-FEB-2008 - Paradise Papers
National Iranian Oil Company Shareholder - - Paradise Papers
Huitric - Ronan Henri Marie Director 31-MAY-2004 12-NOV-2007 Paradise Papers
Hashim Mohamed - Muhamed Ali Director 31-MAY-2004 04-FEB-2009 Paradise Papers
Wan Abdullah - Wan Badrul Hisham bin Director 31-JAN-2005 08-AUG-2005 Paradise Papers
Hashemi - Seyed Abbas Director 31-MAY-2004 - Paradise Papers
Ravel - Francois Director 12-NOV-2007 - Paradise Papers
Abbasi - Azizollah Director 03-OCT-2006 - Paradise Papers
Megarbane - Georges Director 13-SEP-2005 12-NOV-2007 Paradise Papers
TOTAL PARS LNG LTD. Shareholder - - Paradise Papers
Clemencon - Jean-Pascal Director 12-NOV-2007 07-OCT-2008 Paradise Papers
Sayfi - Nosratollah Director 12-NOV-2007 07-OCT-2008 Paradise Papers
Sayfi - Nosratollah Chairman 12-NOV-2007 07-OCT-2008 Paradise Papers

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