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Offshore Leaks Database

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Paradise Papers - Appleby


This selection has too many connections to other officers and entities to display a useful graph. You may download the data to analyze it.

Officer (63)

Role From To Data From
Deckleman - James A Vice-president 07-SEP-2006 06-FEB-2008 Paradise Papers
Coleman - Melissa A. Vice-president 22-AUG-2011 09-APR-2014 Paradise Papers
Mott - Richard P Vice-president 17-NOV-2008 02-JUN-2009 Paradise Papers
Thomas - Richard Vice-president 18-DEC-2009 13-MAY-2011 Paradise Papers
Butler - Kenneth B. Vice-president 13-MAY-2011 22-AUG-2011 Paradise Papers
Burdick - Paul J Vice-president 07-SEP-2006 18-DEC-2009 Paradise Papers
Lunam - Richard Vice-president 02-JUN-2009 13-MAY-2011 Paradise Papers
Deckelman - James A. Vice-president 30-JUN-2009 13-MAY-2011 Paradise Papers
Vogel - Kevin L. Vice-president 16-AUG-2010 10-SEP-2012 Paradise Papers
Johnson - Jim P Vice-president 31-MAR-2006 06-FEB-2008 Paradise Papers
Torres - Ingrid M Vice-president 31-MAR-2006 17-NOV-2008 Paradise Papers
Higgins - Frank J Vice-president 16-DEC-1998 15-JAN-2002 Paradise Papers
Chamberlain - Virgil R Vice-president 31-MAR-2006 06-FEB-2008 Paradise Papers
Reid - Taylor Vice-president 28-OCT-2004 28-MAR-2006 Paradise Papers
Doughty - Jason E Director 31-MAR-2006 07-SEP-2006 Paradise Papers
Archibald - Lawrence E. Director 17-NOV-2008 09-APR-2014 Paradise Papers
Heinrich - Robert Vice-president 31-MAR-2006 15-AUG-2010 Paradise Papers
Brand - Stephen R. Director 07-SEP-2006 17-NOV-2008 Paradise Papers
Avila - Fernando A Vice-president 31-MAR-2006 09-APR-2014 Paradise Papers
Zerwas - Wendi S. Secretary 16-DEC-1998 19-JAN-2000 Paradise Papers

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