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Offshore Leaks Database

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Offshore Leaks


Officer (18)

Role From To Data From
Chan Mei Yin Shareholder - - Offshore Leaks
Progressive Investments Limited Shareholder - - Offshore Leaks
Calvin Chan Tse Yiu Shareholder - - Offshore Leaks
Hopkins Chan Chi-Mong Director 1988-06-07 - Offshore Leaks
Mathilda Caroline Rosa Uhrle Director 1993-07-01 - Offshore Leaks
Ronald Stuart Thomson Director 1993-06-30 1994-09-28 Offshore Leaks
David R. McNair Director 1988-06-07 1990-03-26 Offshore Leaks
Nicholas John Shepherd Director 1993-07-16 1994-09-28 Offshore Leaks
Raymond Chan Authorised person / signatory - - Offshore Leaks
Michael John Reynolds Director 1991-06-28 1993-03-15 Offshore Leaks
European Pacific Trust Company (CI) Ltd Shareholder - - Offshore Leaks
Trevor Charles Clarke Director 1991-11-25 1993-06-30 Offshore Leaks
Equitor Secretaries Limited Secretary 1991-11-25 1994-09-28 Offshore Leaks
Puai Wichman Director 1994-09-28 1999-06-01 Offshore Leaks
Corporate Secretaries Limited Secretary 1988-06-07 1991-11-25 Offshore Leaks
Nadine Noovai Newnham Director 1994-09-28 1999-06-01 Offshore Leaks
Gary Phair Director 1990-03-26 1991-06-27 Offshore Leaks
Secorp Limited Secretary 1994-09-28 1999-08-16 Offshore Leaks

Intermediary (1)

Status Data From
ITAS LIMITED - Offshore Leaks

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