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Haton Polymer & Fibre Corp.

  • Connected to 20 officers
  • Connected to 1 intermediary
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Role From To Data From
Ascend Concept Technology Limited Shareholder 2007-06-25 - Offshore Leaks
Brott Limited Director 2006-08-22 2006-08-22 Offshore Leaks
Chan Hiu Lai Shareholder 2006-08-22 - Offshore Leaks
Chapel Nominees Ltd. Shareholder 2006-08-22 - Offshore Leaks
Fine Talent Group Limited Shareholder 2008-04-15 - Offshore Leaks
LI Shujun Director 2006-12-27 - Offshore Leaks
MANDRA Capital Shareholder 2006-08-22 - Offshore Leaks
MS China 10 Limited Shareholder 2007-07-20 - Offshore Leaks
Mandra New Materials Limited Shareholder 2007-06-25 - Offshore Leaks
Regent Hero Limited Shareholder 2006-09-11 - Offshore Leaks
SUO LANG Duo Ji (????) Director 2006-08-22 - Offshore Leaks
SUO LANG Duo Ji (????) Shareholder 2006-08-22 - Offshore Leaks
TB Investment Holdings Ltd. Shareholder 2006-12-27 - Offshore Leaks
Tam Chor Kiu Director 2007-07-20 2008-09-19 Offshore Leaks
The Trustees of Colombia University in the City of New York Shareholder 2007-04-26 - Offshore Leaks
Triple A Investments Limited Shareholder 2007-06-25 - Offshore Leaks
Unique Speed Investments Limited Shareholder 2008-04-08 - Offshore Leaks
WANG, Chun Lin Director 2006-08-22 - Offshore Leaks
Woo Foong Hong Limited Shareholder 2007-06-25 - Offshore Leaks
ZHANG Songyi Director 2006-08-22 - Offshore Leaks
ZHANG Songyi Beneficial owner 2006-08-22 - Offshore Leaks


Status Data From
Haton Polymer and Fibre Corp. - Offshore Leaks

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