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Role From To Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
ADVANCED MAGNESIUM LIMITED Shareholder 31-MAR-2008 - 01-NOV-2007 British Virgin Islands Inactivated Panama Papers
AKMENS LIMITED Shareholder 01-JUL-2009 - 01-JUL-2009 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
ANCASA INVESTMENT CORP. Shareholder 23-APR-2008 - 17-MAR-2008 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
ANGROD SERVICES LIMITED Shareholder 13-AUG-2008 - 13-AUG-2008 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
AVISGALE LIMITED Shareholder 23-DEC-2009 - 23-DEC-2009 Seychelles Inactivated Panama Papers
BIGAIR GROUP LIMITED Shareholder 13-SEP-2006 - 27-JUL-2006 British Virgin Islands Defaulted Panama Papers
CELLNET GROUP LIMITED Shareholder 07-APR-2008 - 13-AUG-2007 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
CHARKSON TRADING LIMITED Shareholder 13-OCT-2006 - 04-JUL-2006 Seychelles Discontinued Panama Papers
CREDENZA LIMITED Shareholder 13-OCT-2006 - 14-SEP-2006 Seychelles Defaulted Panama Papers
DANDELION LIMITED Shareholder 04-MAR-2010 - 04-MAR-2010 Seychelles Defaulted Panama Papers
DANMAGALLES INVESTMENTS LIMITED Shareholder 23-JUN-2008 - 23-JUN-2008 Seychelles Defaulted Panama Papers
DEEP SHADOWS LIMITED Shareholder 13-OCT-2006 - 21-FEB-2007 Seychelles Discontinued Panama Papers
GLASSON INVESTMENTS LIMITED Shareholder 29-NOV-2007 - 01-NOV-2007 British Virgin Islands Defaulted Panama Papers
HELLABY HOLDINGS LIMITED Shareholder 04-OCT-2006 08-MAR-2013 04-OCT-2006 British Virgin Islands Changed agent Panama Papers
JASSIONE ENTERPRISES LIMITED Shareholder 29-DEC-2006 - 14-SEP-2006 Seychelles Defaulted Panama Papers
KISNA ASSETS LIMITED Shareholder 29-DEC-2006 - 23-NOV-2006 Seychelles Defaulted Panama Papers
MAXIMUS RESOURCES LIMITED Shareholder 13-NOV-2007 - 13-AUG-2007 Seychelles Defaulted Panama Papers
Maharishi Limited Shareholder 07-JAN-2008 - 12-OCT-2006 Seychelles Dissolved Panama Papers
Plakar Limited Shareholder 29-DEC-2006 - 14-SEP-2006 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
VARICK LIMITED Shareholder 04-MAR-2010 - 04-MAR-2010 Seychelles Defaulted Panama Papers
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