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Larich Limited

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Role From To Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
ALPHA BRIGHT ENTERPRISE LIMITED Secretary 2005-05-30 - 03-AUG-2004 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
ARTLANE ENTERPRISES LIMITED Secretary 2003-02-12 - 03-JAN-2003 Samoa Struck / Defunct / Deregistered Offshore Leaks
AmPac Strategic Capital International Limited Secretary 2004-06-29 - 29-JUN-2004 Samoa Struck / Defunct / Deregistered Offshore Leaks
Bit Tips Asia Limited Secretary 2002-02-26 - 26-FEB-2002 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
CORNUCOPIA LIMITED Secretary 2004-01-09 - 09-JAN-2004 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
CREATE RICH INVESTMENT CORPORATION Secretary 2004-06-15 - 23-FEB-2004 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
CRYSTAL CLEAR GROUP LIMITED Secretary 2005-08-08 2007-03-09 29-JUN-2005 Samoa Struck / Defunct / Deregistered Offshore Leaks
Charming Sun Corporation Secretary 2002-02-22 - 11-JAN-2002 Samoa Struck / Defunct / Deregistered Offshore Leaks
DIAMOND CAPITAL TRADINGS LIMITED Secretary 2002-11-29 - 08-FEB-2002 British Virgin Islands Company liquidated Offshore Leaks
GOLDEN DRAGON ASIA PACIFIC COMPANY LIMITED Secretary 2006-07-04 - 12-JUN-2006 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
LUCKY DIP HOLDINGS LIMITED Secretary 2007-03-12 - 25-JAN-2007 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
Lotus Ltd. Secretary 2001-09-29 - 29-OCT-1998 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
MARIRI HOLDINGS LIMITED Secretary 2004-02-03 - 18-JUL-2003 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
NEW CAPITAL FAR EAST LIMITED Secretary 2007-02-05 - 03-JAN-2007 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
Roi Technologies Ltd Secretary 2001-10-19 - 19-OCT-2001 Samoa Struck / Defunct / Deregistered Offshore Leaks
SINO WINNERS WORLDWIDE LIMITED Secretary 2005-06-27 - 01-MAR-2005 Samoa Company liquidated Offshore Leaks
SMART SENSE CONSULTANT LIMITED Secretary 2007-02-09 - 08-JAN-2007 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks
Shinning Lighting International Limited Secretary 2004-05-11 - 11-MAY-2004 Samoa Active Offshore Leaks


Data From
Suite 1505-6, Albion Plaza 2-6 Granville Road Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloong Hong Kong Offshore Leaks

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