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Role Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
ASSOCIATED ARTISTS INC., PANAMA Intermediary 21-JAN-1975 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
BARIMO INTERNATIONAL S.A. Intermediary 13-MAY-1974 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
BRIX REEFERS (INTERNATIONAL) LTD. Intermediary 02-SEP-1991 British Virgin Islands Dissolved Panama Papers
CARLOW HOLDINGS LIMITED Intermediary 09-FEB-1990 British Virgin Islands Defaulted Panama Papers
CORAL RESORTS DEVELOPMENT LTD. INC. Intermediary 28-AUG-1986 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
DAISY EUROINVEST LIMITED Intermediary 07-AUG-1992 British Virgin Islands Defaulted Panama Papers
GARBAWI SAMADI GROUP S.A. Intermediary 26-DEC-1984 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
KINROW FINANCE S.A. Intermediary 17-JUL-1987 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
LANDOLT HOLDING INC. Intermediary 02-JUN-1989 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
LOCKMER FINANCE S.A. Intermediary 19-DEC-1988 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
MIDLAND GROUP LTD. Intermediary 09-MAY-1991 British Virgin Islands Dissolved Panama Papers
NEW TIMBERGATE CORPORATION Intermediary 17-JAN-1985 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
NORDIC CONSULTANTS OVERSEAS INC. Intermediary 01-FEB-1986 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
PRIVATE FINANCIAL GROUP INC. Intermediary 19-NOV-1985 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
SIRVALLEY CORP. Intermediary 18-NOV-1983 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
SOGETEC OVERSEAS INC. Intermediary 28-SEP-1987 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
SOUTHWARK ENTERPRISES LIMITED Intermediary 07-JUN-1989 British Virgin Islands Dissolved Panama Papers
SPALDING GROUP INC. Intermediary 21-JAN-1994 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
SUSIL LIMITED Intermediary 08-JUN-1990 British Virgin Islands Dissolved Panama Papers
TRANSMAS PROPERTY S.A. Intermediary 26-MAR-1974 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
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