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Offshore Leaks Database

Data from
Panama Papers - Mossack Fonseca


This selection has too many connections to other officers and entities to display a useful graph. You may download the data to analyze it.

Entity (231)

Role Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
ZANYA FOUNDATION Intermediary 02-JUN-2004 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
TRANSCOM FOUNDATION Intermediary 21-JUN-2007 Panama Active Panama Papers
The Lankawi Foundation Intermediary 04-DEC-2006 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
FRONTONE FOUNDATION Intermediary 16-SEP-2004 Panama Changed agent Panama Papers
FDG FOUNDATION Intermediary 26-JUL-2004 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
JALA FOUNDATION Intermediary 20-JUL-2006 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
MARVICHA FOUNDATION Intermediary 16-APR-2008 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
AFV FOUNDATION Intermediary 01-MAR-2007 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
SAGAPONACK FOUNDATION Intermediary 05-DEC-2006 Panama Changed agent Panama Papers
PHOENIX HOLDING FOUNDATION Intermediary 30-DEC-2005 Panama Active Panama Papers
POSEIDON INVESTMENT FOUNDATION Intermediary 01-APR-2005 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
FUBINE FOUNDATION Intermediary 25-FEB-2005 Panama Changed agent Panama Papers
WORLDWIDE INVESTMENT GROUP FOUNDATION Intermediary 07-MAR-2005 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
STELLAR INTERNATIONAL ART FOUNDATION Intermediary 25-AUG-2004 Panama Active Panama Papers
BAIRES FOUNDATION Intermediary 07-FEB-2004 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
CAMVIEW FOUNDATION Intermediary 23-APR-2008 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
CANDOVER FOUNDATION Intermediary 23-OCT-2003 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
TYRELL FOUNDATION Intermediary 01-JUL-2005 Panama Active Panama Papers
SHERWOOD MANAGEMENT FOUNDATION Intermediary 22-MAY-2006 Panama Changed agent Panama Papers
MIMI FOUNDATION Intermediary 05-MAY-2004 Panama Inactivated Panama Papers

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