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Offshore Leaks Database

Data from
Panama Papers - Mossack Fonseca


Entity (41)

Role Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
ILKES BUSINESS CORP. Intermediary 03-JAN-1995 British Virgin Islands Defaulted Panama Papers
FARVEL ASSOCIATED S.A. Intermediary 03-JUN-1998 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
Dondore Inc. Intermediary 18-FEB-2008 Samoa Defaulted Panama Papers
Albacore Finance Limited Intermediary 21-OCT-2008 British Virgin Islands Defaulted Panama Papers
BUGASTO MANAGEMENT CORP. Intermediary 22-JUL-1993 Panama Active Panama Papers
Cismo Properties Limited Intermediary 19-SEP-2008 Seychelles Defaulted Panama Papers
TEMCO ENERGY GROUP S.A. Intermediary 22-JAN-2008 Panama Active Panama Papers
ROSECOURT DEVELOPMENTS INC. Intermediary 09-DEC-2008 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
UNIT HOLDING GROUP S.A. Intermediary 23-NOV-2007 Panama Active Panama Papers
TEMCO MANAGEMENT CORP. Intermediary 20-APR-2005 Panama Dissolved Panama Papers
UED MANAGEMENT CORP. Intermediary 01-MAR-2007 Panama Active Panama Papers
TIBOR SERVICES INC. Intermediary 05-JAN-2015 Panama Active Panama Papers
REMO COMPANY S.A. Intermediary 05-JAN-2015 Panama Active Panama Papers
MILEBRIDGE INC. Intermediary 13-MAR-2015 Panama Active Panama Papers
STIRLING INVEST GROUP S.A. Intermediary 08-JAN-2015 Panama Active Panama Papers
GARANT TRADING INC. Intermediary 07-MAY-2014 Panama Active Panama Papers
TENCO ASSET LTD. Intermediary 03-DEC-2002 British Virgin Islands Dissolved Panama Papers
YUKON ENERGY HOLDING S.A. Intermediary 20-NOV-2007 Panama Active Panama Papers
PORTNELLE FINANCE S.A. Intermediary 01-MAR-2007 Panama Defaulted Panama Papers
SUNBARN LIMITED Intermediary 05-FEB-2008 British Virgin Islands Active Panama Papers

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