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Offshore Leaks Database

Data from
Paradise Papers - Barbados corporate registry


Officer (21)

Role From To Data From
OSBORNE-BURGESS SANDRA K. Director 02-JUL-2015 - Paradise Papers
HURLEY* HAMILTON D. Director 26-AUG-2010 08-AUG-2012 Paradise Papers
JEAN-MARIE GLO L. Director 07-SEP-2010 - Paradise Papers
REECE SANDRA A. Director 25-OCT-2013 - Paradise Papers
PARRIS LEROY C Director - 26-AUG-2010 Paradise Papers
DAVIS WOODBINE A. Director - 25-MAY-2010 Paradise Papers
ALLEYNE CLORINDA H. Director 26-AUG-2010 - Paradise Papers
HOLDER CARLOS A. Director 07-SEP-2010 - Paradise Papers
YEARWOOD VINCENT Director 01-OCT-2015 - Paradise Papers
CLICO CORPORATE SERVICES INC. Secretary - - Paradise Papers
ALLEYNE FRANK W. Director 19-MAY-2009 15-APR-2010 Paradise Papers
ST. JOHN* ANDREW N. Director 07-SEP-2010 30-OCT-2014 Paradise Papers
ELLIS ANTHONY G Director 12-MAY-2004 28-MAY-2010 Paradise Papers
MAXWELL PAUL B. Director 07-SEP-2010 - Paradise Papers
HAYNES LESLIE F. Director - 19-APR-2010 Paradise Papers
THORNHILL TERRENCE A Director - 26-AUG-2010 Paradise Papers
MAYERS MICHAEL O. Director 07-SEP-2010 - Paradise Papers
BRATHWAITE* ANDREW F. Director 07-SEP-2010 31-MAR-2015 Paradise Papers

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