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Hifood Co., Ltd

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  • Connected to 16 officers
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Role From To Data From
HSU, Ming-Teh Beneficiary 2002-05-02 - Offshore Leaks
Hu-Shih CHING Director 2008-08-06 - Offshore Leaks
LIN, Shieh-Yu Beneficiary 2002-05-02 - Offshore Leaks
King's Eye Investments Limited Shareholder 2002-04-03 - Offshore Leaks
Johnny Meng Hsu Beneficiary 2002-05-02 - Offshore Leaks
Golden Harvest Holding (SAMOA) Inc. Shareholder 2002-05-02 - Offshore Leaks
Tuan-Shen LIN Director 2008-08-06 - Offshore Leaks
CHANG, Lee-Ying Beneficiary 2002-05-02 - Offshore Leaks
LIN CHENG, Shan-Shan Beneficiary 2002-05-02 - Offshore Leaks
Song-En SUN Director 2002-04-03 - Offshore Leaks
Shu-Wu TU Director 2002-04-03 - Offshore Leaks
Fortune Dragon Holding Inc. Shareholder 2002-04-03 - Offshore Leaks
Michelle Bodden Director 2002-04-03 2002-04-03 Offshore Leaks
Camber Limited Secretary 2002-04-03 - Offshore Leaks
Chapel Nominees Ltd. Shareholder 2002-04-03 - Offshore Leaks
Chun-Mei LIN Director 2002-05-02 - Offshore Leaks
Chun-Mei LIN Beneficiary 2002-05-02 - Offshore Leaks


Status Data From
Deloitte & Touche - ?????????? - (Taipei) - Offshore Leaks


Data From
David Chong & Co. Office B1, 7/F. Loyong Court 212-220 Lockhart Road Wanchai Hong Kong CAYMAN ISLANDS Offshore Leaks

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