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Nateus Ltd

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Role From To Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
AEGEAN CONSULTANTS INC. Shareholder 23-JAN-2015 22-APR-2015 17-JUN-2005 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
Tendy International Limited Shareholder 13-JUN-2014 - 04-JAN-2006 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
Dalu Ltd Shareholder 04-JUL-2011 30-JAN-2014 04-JUL-2011 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
Finta Investments Ltd Shareholder 05-DEC-2011 23-JAN-2014 05-DEC-2011 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
Justus Holdings Ltd. Shareholder 12-JAN-2012 23-JAN-2014 12-JAN-2012 Seychelles Active Panama Papers
Savanah Prime Ltd Shareholder - - 04-NOV-2014 British Virgin Islands Active Panama Papers
Rodfire Assets Ltd Shareholder 03-NOV-2014 - 03-NOV-2014 British Virgin Islands Active Panama Papers
Lavinder Services Ltd Shareholder 23-DEC-2014 - 23-DEC-2014 Bahamas Active Panama Papers
Vesper Equities Ltd Shareholder 17-SEP-2014 - 17-SEP-2014 Bahamas Defaulted Panama Papers
Garentas Ltd Shareholder 24-MAR-2015 - 24-MAR-2015 Bahamas Active Panama Papers
Mazaracaia Inc. Shareholder 03-DEC-2015 - 03-DEC-2015 Bahamas Active Panama Papers
Girasolle Investments Ltd Shareholder 17-DEC-2014 - 17-DEC-2014 Bahamas Active Panama Papers
Acapulco Group Ltd Shareholder 30-DEC-2014 - 30-DEC-2014 Bahamas Active Panama Papers
Borlange Ltd Shareholder 22-DEC-2014 - 22-DEC-2014 Bahamas Active Panama Papers
NUMARK SERVICES LIMITED Shareholder 19-FEB-2014 - 11-FEB-2014 British Virgin Islands Active Panama Papers
PHELPS PROPERTIES LTD. Shareholder 30-APR-2014 22-SEP-2014 30-APR-2014 British Virgin Islands Active Panama Papers
Premium Investment Group Ltd. Shareholder 13-NOV-2014 - 13-NOV-2014 Bahamas Active Panama Papers
Almika Ltd Shareholder 03-DEC-2015 - 03-DEC-2015 Bahamas Active Panama Papers
Milvale Management Ltd Shareholder 06-JAN-2015 - 06-JAN-2015 Bahamas Active Panama Papers


Data From
Mont Fleuri Mahe Seychelles Panama Papers

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