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Incorporation Jurisdiction Linked To Data From
ISIS OVERSEAS INC. 23-FEB-2012 Seychelles Switzerland Panama Papers
ISIS DEVELOPMENT GROUP S.A. 17-OCT-2012 Seychelles Seychelles Panama Papers
ISIS FINANCIAL SERVICES S.A. 02-DEC-2004 British Virgin Islands Switzerland Panama Papers
SSD OVERSEAS S.A. [VELMAR S.A 11-SEP-2006 British Virgin Islands Ecuador Panama Papers
ROBBINS INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS S.A. 10-DEC-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
LUDEMIL OVERSEAS S.A. 13-JUN-2005 Panama Isle of Man Panama Papers
ABINGER OVERSEAS S.A. 17-JUN-2010 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
NIELAND OVERSEAS S.A. 02-JAN-2008 British Virgin Islands Cyprus Panama Papers
RICKSBURY OVERSEAS S.A. 26-JUL-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
LOWELL OVERSEAS, S.A. 27-DEC-1983 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
GENTILLE OVERSEAS ASSETS S.A. 18-APR-2008 British Virgin Islands Switzerland Panama Papers
TYBALT COMPANY OVERSEAS S.A. 02-JAN-2015 British Virgin Islands Switzerland Panama Papers
QUARTET OVERSEAS SERVICES S.A. 04-JAN-2011 British Virgin Islands United Arab Emirates Panama Papers
SOPRA OVERSEAS HOLDING S.A. 23-AUG-1993 British Virgin Islands Switzerland Panama Papers
MOONCREST OVERSEAS S.A. 20-APR-2011 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
MARENCA OVERSEAS, S.A. 24-NOV-1980 Panama Panama Panama Papers
ISKANDER OVERSEAS S.A. 15-APR-2011 British Virgin Islands Gibraltar Panama Papers
BECKENFIELD OVERSEAS S.A. 12-FEB-2010 British Virgin Islands Hong Kong Panama Papers
MUFFY OVERSEAS S.A. 27-DEC-2010 British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Panama Papers
PYRO OVERSEAS, S.A. 27-DEC-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
KARENA OVERSEAS S.A. 24-MAY-2011 British Virgin Islands Switzerland Panama Papers
SOLAR INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS, S.A. 01-JUN-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ELOUISE OVERSEAS S.A. 10-MAY-2012 British Virgin Islands Panama Panama Papers
SEVENOAKS OVERSEAS, S.A. 20-DEC-1984 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
Kate Isis Investments S.A. 20-DEC-2013 British Virgin Islands Bahamas Panama Papers
COMINS OVERSEAS, S.A. 14-MAR-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ERALMA OVERSEAS S.A. 15-JUN-2005 Panama Singapore Panama Papers
CARDINAL OVERSEAS, S.A. 05-AUG-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CIC OVERSEAS, S.A. 31-JAN-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ODESSA OVERSEAS S.A. 18-MAR-1986 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
WISCOL OVERSEAS, S.A. 09-NOV-1982 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
SIMROSE OVERSEAS, S.A. 28-FEB-1984 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ANDROCLIS OVERSEAS, S.A. 18-JAN-1983 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
WOLSEY OVERSEAS, S.A. 02-MAR-1984 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
RANDALL OVERSEAS, S.A. 26-OCT-1982 Panama Panama Panama Papers
SUMERSET OVERSEAS, S.A. 13-JUL-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
ALBAYDA OVERSEAS, S.A. 01-JUN-1983 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
ITALCARIB (OVERSEAS) S.A. 18-AUG-1981 Panama Panama Panama Papers
RHONE OVERSEAS S.A. 31-MAR-1986 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
NUTCO TRADING OVERSEAS S.A. 27-OCT-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
VILLAGE OVERSEAS GROUP S.A. 22-AUG-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
Azotea Overseas S.A. 13-AUG-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
PRESTWICK OVERSEAS HOLDING S.A. 15-FEB-2011 Panama United Arab Emirates Panama Papers
FREEWAY HOLDING OVERSEAS S.A. 22-AUG-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
ISIS OVERSEAS, S.A. 09-SEP-1982 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
GOODBEAR OVERSEAS S.A. 18-OCT-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
NEWBORN OVERSEAS S.A. 07-NOV-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
TUNDER VENTURES OVERSEAS S.A. 24-NOV-2011 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
RUDOLF OVERSEAS S.A. 06-NOV-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
SEFFARD OVERSEAS, S.A. 27-NOV-1984 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
THESEUS OVERSEAS S.A. 10-OCT-2011 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
BAYPORT OVERSEAS BUSINESS S.A. 06-JAN-2014 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
GRAYWAY OVERSEAS S.A. 16-AUG-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
GEFINANCO OVERSEAS, S.A. 08-OCT-1982 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
BROCKFOLD OVERSEAS S.A. 13-DEC-2011 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
MITTERLAND OVERSEAS, S.A. 06-FEB-2006 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
MEROVEE OVERSEAS, S.A. 08-OCT-1982 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
SEYMOUR OVERSEAS, S.A. 03-OCT-1985 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
DELPHI OVERSEAS, S.A. 17-MAY-1983 Panama Panama Panama Papers
COLTON OVERSEAS S.A. 06-SEP-2004 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
FITZROY OVERSEAS, S.A. 27-FEB-1985 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
EAGLESTAR OVERSEAS S.A. 01-APR-2014 Panama Panama Panama Papers
LAUREL TRADING OVERSEAS S.A. 12-JUN-2014 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
MALE OVERSEAS S.A. 27-APR-2015 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
Morena Overseas S.A 28-NOV-2012 British Virgin Islands Estonia Panama Papers
TRADICO OVERSEAS S.A. 25-JUN-1986 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
RANDALL GROUP OVERSEAS S.A. 22-OCT-2015 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
PORTSVILLE OVERSEAS S.A. 07-JAN-2014 Panama Brazil Panama Papers
DERRICK OVERSEAS S.A. 27-MAR-2013 Panama Portugal Panama Papers
TILBURG OVERSEAS GROUP S.A. 26-MAR-2013 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
TEXAS OVERSEAS PROPERTIES S.A. 28-FEB-1994 Bahamas Luxembourg Panama Papers
SOUTH DISTRICT OVERSEAS S.A. 21-AUG-1997 Bahamas Belgium Panama Papers
OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT NETWORK S.A. 02-OCT-1986 Panama Jordan Panama Papers
MILSER OVERSEAS S.A. 02-JAN-2015 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
ASHLEY DEVELOPMENT OVERSEAS S.A. 06-JAN-2015 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
PEARSON OVERSEAS S.A. 21-JAN-2015 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
WHITNEY OVERSEAS S.A. 02-JAN-1997 Bahamas Luxembourg Panama Papers
MATTIS OVERSEAS S.A. 03-MAR-1999 Bahamas Spain Panama Papers
FABORG OVERSEAS S.A. 04-MAR-1998 Bahamas Panama Panama Papers
NIREA OVERSEAS S.A. 06-OCT-2006 Bahamas United Kingdom Panama Papers
FIDELITY OVERSEAS S.A. 22-APR-1998 Bahamas United States Panama Papers
TILBURG OVERSEAS S.A. 11-SEP-1997 Bahamas United States Panama Papers
GALLEON OVERSEAS COMMODITIES S.A. 14-APR-1987 Panama Isle of Man Panama Papers
BALALAIKA OVERSEAS S.A. 27-JAN-1995 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
STOPES OVERSEAS S.A. 23-MAR-1995 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
PROMOCIONES TURISTICAS OVERSEAS S.A. 06-MAY-1966 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
KORDEL OVERSEAS LTD. S.A. 12-FEB-1996 Panama Panama Panama Papers
ISIS DEVELOPMENT S.A. 22-APR-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
KADETT OVERSEAS S.A. 19-NOV-2004 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
CAMELIS OVERSEAS S.A. 09-MAR-2005 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
FIDELITY OVERSEAS RESOURCES S.A. 25-APR-2005 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
WINGLADE OVERSEAS S.A. 03-JAN-2007 Panama Panama Panama Papers
COTTONDALE OVERSEAS S.A. 23-JUN-2005 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
RUSPORT OVERSEAS S.A. 11-SEP-2000 British Virgin Islands Switzerland Panama Papers
DANATEC OVERSEAS S.A. 13-JAN-1995 British Virgin Islands Switzerland Panama Papers
AMARAL OVERSEAS S.A. 07-MAY-2002 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
OPAL BUSINESS OVERSEAS S.A. 29-JAN-2009 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
BLUEFIELD INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS S.A. 07-MAY-2003 British Virgin Islands Bahamas Panama Papers
TUCKER OVERSEAS S.A. 04-JAN-1999 British Virgin Islands Luxembourg Panama Papers
ISIS CORPORATION 05-APR-1995 Bahamas Bahamas Leaks

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