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CLEARED TO LAND CORPORATION 07-NOV-2002 Panama Belize Panama Papers
KEVERNE INVESTMENTS CORP. 05-NOV-1986 Panama Guernsey Panama Papers
CORSELET INC. 27-DEC-2000 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
VERNA CAPITAL S.A. 06-DEC-2002 Panama Panama Panama Papers
BONDLENA LIMITED S.A. 14-NOV-2002 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
HANGARES DEL TUY, S.A. 29-NOV-2002 Panama Venezuela Panama Papers
ABAYA INVESTMENT & TRADE S.A. 29-JUN-2000 Panama Andorra Panama Papers
GROVELAND PROPERTIES S.A. 17-OCT-2007 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
BIANCA DISTANCIA S.A. 16-MAY-2002 Panama Andorra Panama Papers
ARKET & DESIGN CORP. 24-JAN-2006 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
ORCHID TRADING S.A. 09-AUG-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
BALDHOON INVESTMENTS INC. 26-AUG-1987 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
NORTHREEF PROPERTIES CORP. 17-OCT-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
GELLNER HOLDINGS INC. 02-SEP-2005 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
KALOSH CORPORATION 18-OCT-2007 Panama Panama Panama Papers
VCAI, S.A. 16-NOV-2007 Panama United States Panama Papers
BALPER TRADE S.A. 24-OCT-2007 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
SWEET BOCAS INTERNATIONAL INC. 02-NOV-2007 Panama Spain Panama Papers
ISLA BONITA DE BOCAS, S.A. 02-NOV-2007 Panama Spain Panama Papers
KENSINGTON PROMOTIONS INC. 28-AUG-1984 Panama Panama Panama Papers
FREMONT OVERSEAS INC. 11-SEP-1984 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
HEATHERSIDE ASSET INC. 19-NOV-2007 Panama Lebanon Panama Papers
KAMINSKI S.A. 24-JAN-1991 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
KIRKWOOD PROPERTIES INC. 08-FEB-1991 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
WENDINVEST ENTERPRISES INC . 06-OCT-1987 Panama Panama Panama Papers
RON HOLDINGS S.A. 09-OCT-1980 Panama Jordan Panama Papers
TIREE INTERNATIONAL S.A. 26-FEB-1991 Panama Guernsey Panama Papers
STARA INVESTMENTS CORPORATION 09-OCT-1987 Panama Panama Panama Papers
TERUEL HOLDINGS INC. 09-OCT-1987 Panama Panama Panama Papers
COPENAL INTERNATIONAL S.A. 21-JUN-1991 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
MEYER HOLDINGS CORPORATION 28-FEB-1992 Panama Guernsey Panama Papers
C.I. FORTUNA CAPITAL CORP. 11-MAR-1991 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
FOODS SERVICES INTERNATIONAL S.A. 30-MAY-1991 Panama Australia Panama Papers
ARBRA COMERCIO EXTERIOR S.A. 19-AUG-1991 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
AETNA EQUITIES INC. 05-JUN-1991 Panama Panama Panama Papers
WRENBROOK INVESTMENTS INC. 20-SEP-1991 Panama Guernsey Panama Papers
FOREST ENTERPRISES INC. 17-SEP-1991 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
INVESTMENTS FUND INVEST-HOLDING S.A. 28-JUN-1991 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
SHELLENFORD INVESTMENTS INC. 30-JUL-1991 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
KAHMANN INVESTMENTS INC. 20-NOV-1991 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
GULF AGENTS INC. 18-FEB-1977 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
BENNEX HOLDINGS S.A. 20-SEP-1991 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
MOIESCO HOLDINGS S.A. 19-OCT-1987 Panama Guernsey Panama Papers
CHELTENHAM INC. 23-MAR-1992 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
THE EVERDENE CORPORATION 24-OCT-1987 Panama Panama Panama Papers
BALDANO SERVICES DEVELOPMENT INC. 17-OCT-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
ROOTS DEVELOPMENT S.A. 23-OCT-2007 Panama Greece Panama Papers
LACEY PROPERTIES INC. 29-SEP-1987 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
FORTLANE PROPERTIES S.A. 19-OCT-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
FINANDINA CORP. 24-OCT-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
SKYLODGE BUSINESS S.A. 26-OCT-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
WINGWOOD PROPERTIES INC. 26-OCT-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
CRESTON HOLDINGS S.A. 06-OCT-1987 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
PENRITH SERVICES S.A. 01-NOV-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
TYTRAK INVESTMENTS S.A. 24-AUG-1987 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
WALTZ CONSULTANTS S.A. 29-JUN-2005 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
BELVIDA INVESTMENT INC. 29-OCT-2007 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
SILLOTH SHIPPING INC 07-NOV-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
TEES SHIPPING INC 01-NOV-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
SOLAR ASSOCIATES INC. 28-SEP-1987 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
TALLOIRES INC. 01-NOV-2007 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
NERIS INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS S.A. 01-NOV-2007 Panama Dominican Republic Panama Papers
BLUE SKY TRANSPORT ASSET CORP. 19-NOV-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
TACALA SERVICES INC. 25-SEP-1987 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
QUESTEL INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC. 05-JAN-2006 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CEDARGLEN CORPORATION 23-JAN-1979 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
JANNET BUSINESS CORPORATION 17-OCT-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ALDERSON HOLDING INC. 03-MAY-1991 Panama Niue Panama Papers
QYX SHIPPING S.A. 14-OCT-1980 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
LANSA INVESTMENTS S.A. 18-JUN-1991 Panama Niue Panama Papers
METSAR INC. 26-JUN-1991 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
THE PROPERTY HOLDINGS CORP. 22-MAR-1988 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
ANGLIA PROPERTIES INC. 07-OCT-1991 Panama Niue Panama Papers
WHITEHORSE COMMERCIAL INC. 18-SEP-1987 Panama Hong Kong Panama Papers
SILVERCUP INVESTMENTS INC. 18-SEP-1987 Panama Hong Kong Panama Papers
QUINTON FINANCE INC. 21-SEP-1987 Panama Panama Panama Papers
LINDO ASSOCIATES S.A. 09-DEC-1987 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
DALE ASSOCIATES INC. 14-DEC-1987 Panama Hong Kong Panama Papers
COGIVEST S.A. 10-JUL-1990 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
FAHIE HOLDINGS CORP. 31-JUL-1990 Panama Andorra Panama Papers
AQUARIUS FINANCIAL ENTERPRISES INC. 25-JUL-1988 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
INTERGEST CORPORATION 06-SEP-1990 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
RITA CORPORATION S.A. 13-SEP-1990 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
DEYNA INVESTMENTS INC. 15-OCT-1990 Panama Greece Panama Papers
FITCO MANAGEMENT CORP. 02-JAN-1991 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ALVINSON HOLDINGS CORPORATION 04-JAN-2006 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CHAZAR INC. 07-OCT-1991 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
DENWARD INC. 17-JAN-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
OLDEAST INC. 13-JAN-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
ROSMEAD INC. 13-JAN-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
TANSHELF INC. 13-JAN-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
KPMG CENTRAL AMERICA NORTH, S.A. (KCAN-SA) 31-MAR-2003 Panama El Salvador Panama Papers
SOFIDAL S.A. 06-MAY-1999 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
AMARK INC. 02-APR-2003 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
HILAR GLOBAL CORPORATION 30-DEC-2002 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
HOLLAMBY INC. 03-APR-2003 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers

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