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ICIJ will release the structured data connected to the Paradise Papers investigation in the coming weeks. Until then, some search results might not show all the connections related to entities and officers.
Incorporation Jurisdiction Linked To Data From
ROSWALD GLOBAL S.A. 21-MAY-2011 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
ENERGY INTELLIGENCE & CONSULTING CORP. 19-JUN-2012 Panama United States Panama Papers
BRISTOW TRADING INC. 26-OCT-2011 Panama United Arab Emirates Panama Papers
THORRIN MARKETING INCORPORATED 03-MAR-2011 Panama United Arab Emirates Panama Papers
BROXEN HOLDING S.A. 23-MAR-2011 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
T. S. T. THREE STONES TRADER INC.- 27-JAN-1978 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
DEREWAY DEVELOPMENTS INC. 23-MAR-2012 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
TRENTVILLE DEVELOPMENT CORP. 26-MAR-2012 Panama Chile Panama Papers
HIVIMAR S.A. 14-DEC-2010 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
FULLFORD HOLDINGS GROUP INC. 08-JUN-2012 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
FLORY - NICO ACTIV IMPEX S.A. 14-SEP-2011 Panama Cyprus Panama Papers
ELECTRO-MECHANICAL EXPORT LIMITED S.A. 19-JUL-1979 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
LORIVAL INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES, S.A. 24-OCT-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
NIEVETERNA CORP. 29-MAR-2011 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
RUBINGOOD CORP. 08-JUN-2011 Panama United Arab Emirates Panama Papers
SILKBORG CONSULTANTS S.A. 16-MAR-2011 Panama Liechtenstein Panama Papers
COASTLINE INTERNATIONAL S.A. 29-MAR-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
COSTAREX INC. CORPORATION 20-APR-1979 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
US-EUR RESEARCH LTD., S.A. 05-AUG-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
DAR INVESTMENTS INTERNATIONAL S.A. 04-APR-2011 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
HAYMEND S.A. 18-MAY-2004 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
DUDLEY CAPITAL INC 05-MAR-2002 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
KAYEL CORP., INC. 18-APR-1984 Panama Panama Panama Papers
OLANDER FINANCE S.A. 13-MAR-1986 Panama Liechtenstein Panama Papers
NAVGAR ENTERPRISES CORP. 29-DEC-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CSK SERVICE INC. 29-SEP-2011 Panama Samoa Panama Papers
OURCENTER BUSINESS INC. 03-JAN-2011 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
RIDEWELL INC. 22-NOV-2010 Panama Dominica Panama Papers
DERLINGTON OVERSEAS INC. 14-DEC-2010 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
TERRANOVA PORTFOLIO S.A 17-NOV-2011 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
MARVILLA THIRD III),S.A. 31-AUG-1982 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
PANBIT INTERNATIONAL S.A. 03-JAN-2011 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
Nikoman Business Corp. 05-SEP-2012 Panama Panama Panama Papers
FOUNDATION MEMBERSHIP INC.. 07-AUG-2002 Panama Panama Panama Papers
ARCLIGHT INVESTMENTS CORP. 14-DEC-2011 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
KALDEN SERVICES S.A. 16-NOV-2010 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
FERNBRIDGE RESOURCES INC. 30-AUG-2012 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
HANSWELL INC. 24-SEP-2011 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
HOLLOWAY HOLDINGS INC. 07-APR-1986 Panama Jordan Panama Papers
S.H. ENTERPRISES INC. 24-JUL-1979 Panama Guernsey Panama Papers
OLVEIRA INTERNATIONAL INC. 18-MAY-2006 Panama Panama Panama Papers
KEOX CORP. 30-SEP-2011 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
Millenia Asset Management Uruguay S.A. Corporation 01-JAN-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
MARVILLA FIVE V), S.A. 09-SEP-1982 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CORPORATE INVESTING TEAM INC. 04-DEC-2010 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
TRANSHEMISPHERE SERVICES INC. 11-MAR-1982 Panama Panama Panama Papers
ARLINGTON TRADE MANAGEMENT, INC. 22-JUN-1984 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ROUNDTREE ENGINEERING INC. 26-JUN-2012 Panama Panama Panama Papers
JBM WATCHES GROUP, S.A. 09-APR-2012 Panama Panama Panama Papers
Inazu Investments Group, Inc 04-APR-2012 Panama Costa Rica Panama Papers
GABYCO ENTERPRISES S.A. 14-DEC-2010 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
RICHMOND ASSETS, CORP. 24-JUN-1985 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
MOHAMEDIA MARINE LTD. CORP. 23-JUN-1981 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CELTONWOOD INVESTMENT INCORPORATED 26-JUN-2012 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
SHERAX INVESTMENTS S.A. 20-JAN-2010 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
TRANSARMORIC OVERSEAS S.A. 23-MAR-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
JETFORD OVERSEAS CORP. 24-APR-2012 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
JOCKEY INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT, S.A. 20-JUN-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
RIVERSTOCK HOLDINGS S.A. 10-JUN-2011 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
A. P. INTERNATIONAL MARITIME FINANCE LTD., S.A. 05-APR-1982 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
PENBUR HOLDINGS S.A. 26-SEP-2011 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
NARES REAL ESTATES S.A. 23-NOV-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
BRINNA SERVICES S.A. 14-SEP-2012 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
SISALUD CORP. 11-SEP-2012 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
MOHAMEDIA HOLDING, S.A. 22-JUN-1982 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
OMEGA INCORPORATED LTD. S.A. 09-JUN-1980 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
HEADWAY MANAGEMENT S.A. 08-FEB-2012 Panama Panama Panama Papers
SAMELIA FINANCE S.A. 23-NOV-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
MOSSFON ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. 01-JAN-2005 Panama Panama Panama Papers
HANLEY AGENTS, INC. 16-OCT-1985 Panama Costa Rica Panama Papers
DRAGON INVESTMENT HOLDINGS INC. 19-MAR-1986 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
DONEGAL COMPANY CORP. 12-OCT-2011 Panama Singapore Panama Papers
PEPPERDINE COMPANY S.A. 26-APR-2012 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
DENBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL INC. 16-AUG-2012 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
JIN ENTERPRISES INC. 30-MAY-2006 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
LATINART (OVERSEAS), S.A. 16-FEB-1982 Panama Panama Panama Papers
BROOKVILLE ASSOCIATES CORP. 27-MAY-2011 Panama Costa Rica Panama Papers
FLORISSANT OVERSEAS INC. 12-MAR-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
REDFERN ASSOCIATES INC. 26-MAY-1986 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
DINAMEX TRADING INC. 09-MAR-1983 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
FERNHALL PROPERTIES S.A. 27-AUG-2012 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
Ecoservice Corbilim, S.A. 07-SEP-2012 Panama Panama Panama Papers
REMUS ASSOCIATES CORPORATION 11-SEP-2012 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
El Espigon II Investments Corp. 12-NOV-2010 Panama Dominican Republic Panama Papers
Piedra Buena Company Corp. 25-JAN-2011 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
ALPINE MANAGEMENT S.A. 31-MAR-1986 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
MERIDIAN VISTA HERMOSA CORPORATION 23-AUG-2011 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
LANGFORD PORTFOLIO INC. 04-JAN-2012 Panama Panama Panama Papers
HEADLAND PROPERTIES S.A. 20-OCT-2011 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
BROWNSTONE FOUNDATION 20-JUN-1997 Panama Belize Panama Papers
SANTANA INDUSTRIES CORP. 04-JAN-2011 Panama Argentina Panama Papers
RICKARD INC. 24-OCT-2011 Panama Venezuela Panama Papers
AEREO RUTA MAYA CORP. 19-SEP-2012 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
MYC INVESTMENTS S.A. 07-APR-2011 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
JOMARGA S.A. 15-JUN-1979 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
GOLDEN TREE CAPITAL INC. 17-JAN-2011 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
RIVULET INTERNATIONAL S.A. 24-NOV-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
GREENHILLS ALLIANCE S.A. 07-FEB-2011 Panama Hong Kong Panama Papers

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