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ROSSET LTD. 02-FEB-2007 Nevada Luxembourg Panama Papers
INVESTMENT, SPORT & WEBS LLC. 02-FEB-2007 Nevada Spain Panama Papers
GULFSTAR INTERNATIONAL LLC 06-APR-2007 Nevada Uruguay Panama Papers
RAFINA TRADING LLC 12-JAN-2007 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
KAILASA MANAGEMENT CORP LLC 31-JAN-2007 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
OCEANIS SHIPPING GROUP LLC 26-MAR-2007 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
GULF SUPPORT SERVICES LLC 25-APR-2007 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
KORMAN INTERNATIONAL LLC 19-JUL-2007 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
GECKO TRADING LTD. 18-JUN-2007 Nevada Brazil Panama Papers
BALMAR INTERNATIONAL LTD. 02-MAY-2007 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
RESEARCH & PATENTS LTD. 30-JUL-2007 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
GENERAL CORPORATE SERVICES LLC 16-APR-2007 Nevada Canada Panama Papers
DUNS INDUSTRIES LIMITED 13-JAN-2011 Nevada United Kingdom Panama Papers
SARATOGA HEALTHCARE LLC 16-AUG-2007 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
PTS GROUP LTD. 19-JAN-2011 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
GULLA PROPERTIES DEVELOPMENT LLC 25-FEB-2011 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
ARROW LOCK (U.S.A) TEC. CO.,LTD. 25-JAN-2011 Nevada Hong Kong Panama Papers
PENELOPE LLC 25-AUG-2005 Nevada United States Panama Papers
GEBEKO OVERSEAS LIMITED 04-APR-2011 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
DARFRAN LLC 04-JAN-2012 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
ETHANAS LLC 08-AUG-2007 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
BULLOCK DEVELOPMENTS LC 05-NOV-2007 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
ARCHIBAL LC 27-FEB-2003 Nevada Luxembourg Panama Papers
DARBY MANAGEMENT LLC 17-FEB-2004 Nevada United States Panama Papers
LYNUS OVERSEAS LTD. 05-OCT-2007 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
ALGOYA LLC 12-MAY-2008 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
THE NIGHTINGALE GROUP LLC 26-SEP-2002 Nevada Isle of Man Panama Papers
NEXSA TRADING LTD. 20-JAN-2005 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
DUNTOWER EQUITIES LC 15-JUL-2005 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
HAZE MANAGEMENT LLC 12-AUG-2005 Nevada Spain Panama Papers
JACKLIN INVESTMENTS LLC 04-JAN-2008 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
OMATE CONSULTANTS LIMITED 07-FEB-2008 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
CUPTEN INTERNACIONAL LIMITED 28-FEB-2008 Nevada Brazil Panama Papers
BALMAR DEVELOPMENT LLC 20-JAN-2005 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
HENDSON CONSULTING LLC 05-OCT-2007 Nevada Brazil Panama Papers
OLVEX CAPITAL LTD. 05-OCT-2007 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
DREAM DESIGN FACTORY LLC 28-FEB-2003 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
U.S.A. MONTAGE INT'L BIO-PHARMACEUTICAL LTD. 17-NOV-2005 Nevada Hong Kong Panama Papers
BUXTER CONSULTANTS LLC 16-FEB-2005 Nevada Brazil Panama Papers
WILLIAMSON INTERNATIONAL LC 06-MAR-2003 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
CAMBRIDGE OVERSEAS LLC 14-MAY-2002 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
HEALY HOLDINGS LTD. 20-JAN-2005 Nevada Brazil Panama Papers
GOLDEN KINGDOM TRADING CO., LTD. 15-OCT-2007 Nevada Hong Kong Panama Papers
MURRIEL TRADING LLC 01-NOV-2007 Nevada El Salvador Panama Papers
HAMPTON INTERNATIONAL LLC 14-JAN-2005 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
COMTECH INTERNATIONAL GROUP LLC 25-FEB-2005 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
HUXLEY ENTERPRISES LC 17-JAN-2006 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
MOCHICA ENTERPRISES LLC 02-MAY-2005 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
FERRETTI CORPORATION LIMITED 05-MAY-2005 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
PENNYROYAL ASSOCIATES LLC 04-JAN-2008 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
ALHAMBRA LLC 29-SEP-2005 Nevada Luxembourg Panama Papers
SUNGLOW INVESTMENT LLC 20-JAN-2006 Nevada Spain Panama Papers
LONDALE INVESTMENT LLC 31-DEC-2008 Nevada Uruguay Panama Papers
GOLDEN GLARE INTERNATIONAL LLC 13-OCT-2005 Nevada Brazil Panama Papers
ENVIRONMENTAL BIO TECHNOLOGIES LTD. 06-MAR-2008 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
HAOTIAN CO., LTD. 30-DEC-2005 Nevada Hong Kong Panama Papers
RYDER MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD. 14-OCT-2008 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
IZACA GROUP LLC 19-MAY-2006 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
ROSEMEAD GROUP LLC 17-JAN-2006 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
NEYMAR INVESTMENTS LLC 27-FEB-2006 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
TRENTON PROPERTIES LTD. 05-MAY-2006 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
ESSEX HOLDINGS GROUP LLC 18-OCT-2006 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
BANWICK CONSULTANTS LLC 17-NOV-2005 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
ARCOM GROUP LLC 17-NOV-2005 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
AMARIL TRADING LLC 18-JUL-2003 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
SAVOIA SA LLC 30-DEC-2005 Nevada Luxembourg Panama Papers
INMOBILIARIA LATINA LLC 03-FEB-2009 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
MERCURY CONSULTANTS LLC 21-OCT-2009 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
NIROS GROUP INDUSTRIES LLC 08-JAN-2010 Nevada Colombia Panama Papers
EASTFER INTERNATIONAL LLC 18-FEB-2010 Nevada Switzerland Panama Papers
RYDSTON INVESTMENTS LTD. 16-APR-2010 Nevada Brazil Panama Papers
SYNTHETIC CHEMISTRY (USA) LLC. 19-MAY-2010 Nevada Hong Kong Panama Papers
SWORD INVESTMENTS GROUP LTD. 08-MAR-2011 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
INTERNATIONAL ROSE BREEDERS LLC 13-JAN-2011 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
BARADUR CONSULTANTS L.L.C. 24-MAR-2011 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
SOMERVILLE INTERNATIONAL LLC 28-MAY-2010 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
JAIM DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISES LC 06-AUG-2010 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
VPMAX HOLDING LTD. 04-OCT-2010 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
IMAGE LOGIC LLC 17-NOV-2010 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
PURLEY INTERNATIONAL LLC 24-MAR-2011 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
GOLDEN CREEK L.L.C. 24-MAY-2011 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
ESTRAL INVESTMENTS LLC 05-JAN-2012 Nevada Venezuela Panama Papers
ANIR ONE LTD. 16-JUN-2011 Nevada Thailand Panama Papers
PIMURA L.L.C. 05-AUG-2011 Nevada Colombia Panama Papers
SYNCRETIX PROPERTIES LIMITED 05-JAN-2012 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
FDC ENTERPRISES COMPANY LTD. 01-JUL-2011 Nevada Italy Panama Papers
ARES INVESTMENT LLC 08-DEC-2011 Nevada Italy Panama Papers
GREENSTONE MANAGEMENT GROUP LTD. 02-JUN-2010 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
YELLOWRIVER INVESTMENT LTD. 02-JUN-2010 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
NAVIA SHIPPING LTD. 31-AUG-2010 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
BARSTON TRADING L.L.C. 27-OCT-2010 Nevada Bahamas Panama Papers
AMARAL OVERSEAS LLC 20-AUG-2010 Nevada Panama Panama Papers
BALMAR HOLDINGS GROUP LLC 20-JUL-2010 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
DURGEN MARKETING LLC 14-OCT-2010 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
ECOMUNDO LLC 23-NOV-2010 Nevada Ecuador Panama Papers
FICARTA INTERNATIONAL ASSETS LTD. 02-FEB-2010 Nevada United States Panama Papers

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