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WINKLE CAPITAL S.A. 25-NOV-2009 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
KENDAL INVESTMENTS CAPITAL S.A. 23-JUN-2008 Panama Panama Panama Papers
FARFALLA CAPITAL S.A. 07-APR-2010 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
OAKBROOK HOLDINGS CAPITAL CORP. 28-DEC-2009 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
EMMENCE CAPITAL S.A. 09-DEC-2009 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ELVER CAPITAL INC. 21-APR-2010 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
HARLINGTON CAPITAL S.A. 22-OCT-2009 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
AULAY CAPITAL S.A. 04-JAN-2010 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
FELGATE CAPITAL S.A. 05-JAN-2010 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
CENTRAL DEVELOPMENT CAPITAL S.A. 07-NOV-2014 Panama Brazil Panama Papers
BOWMAN CAPITAL CORPORATION 05-JUN-2014 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
DMR CAPITAL INC. 06-JUN-2013 Panama Seychelles Panama Papers
LANGSTON CAPITAL CORP. 22-MAY-2013 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CAPITAL ENTERPRISE INC. 23-JUL-1986 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
TARA CAPITAL, S.A. 24-AUG-2010 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
HIGHMORE CAPITAL INC. 08-MAY-2015 Panama Gibraltar Panama Papers
MARKSMEN ALPINE CAPITAL S.A. 14-AUG-1986 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
Leland Capital Inc. 28-SEP-2015 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
MARKSMEN WORLDWIDE CAPITAL S.A. 11-NOV-1986 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
Laax Capital, S.A. 05-OCT-2015 Panama Costa Rica Panama Papers
American Capital Group Inc. 12-SEP-2014 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
CHILDSEN CAPITAL S.A. 03-JAN-2014 Panama United States Panama Papers
HINCA INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL S.A. 18-NOV-2013 Panama Panama Panama Papers
URSUS CAPITAL GLOBAL CORP. 19-APR-2013 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
MAYHEW CAPITAL CORP. 24-OCT-2013 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
Silvester Capital S.A. 23-JUL-2013 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
JUNGLE CAPITAL INC 06-SEP-2013 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
JAGUAR CAPITAL HOLDING INC. 16-AUG-2013 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
BLAZER CAPITAL INC. (PANAMA) 26-SEP-1987 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
GLOBAL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT INC. 23-DEC-1987 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
CAPITAL TRADERS S.A. 05-JUN-1995 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
CAPITAL STRUCTURES INC. 08-MAR-2002 Panama United Arab Emirates Panama Papers
GOLDEN CAPITAL S.A. 05-JUL-2001 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
KRENER CAPITAL S.A. 11-SEP-2003 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
SOUTHGATE CAPITAL CORP. 27-JAN-2004 Panama Panama Panama Papers
PORTLAND CAPITAL CORP. 10-MAY-2005 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
BOQUETE PARADISE CAPITAL, S.A. 16-JAN-2008 Panama Panama Panama Papers
Quartz Investments Capital S.A. 13-FEB-2008 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
COUNTER CAPITAL INC. 14-AUG-2006 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ROSSPORT CAPITAL CORP. 06-MAR-2008 Panama Andorra Panama Papers
PORTVILLE CAPITAL S.A. 23-JUN-2006 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
JASON CAPITAL INC. 25-FEB-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
RIVIERA CAPITAL ASSETS CORP. 18-JUL-2006 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
LICE CAPITAL CORP. 29-FEB-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
FELICE CAPITAL CORP. 18-MAR-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CARLINGTON CAPITAL S.A. 25-NOV-2003 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
Infinity Capital Co. Inc. 16-MAY-2008 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
ORCA CAPITAL INC. 23-APR-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
EMERSON PROPERTIES CAPITAL S.A. 11-JUN-2008 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
TOPAZ CAPITAL S.A. 05-APR-2004 Panama Paraguay Panama Papers
WELSTEAD CAPITAL INC. 16-SEP-2008 Panama United Arab Emirates Panama Papers
MARIETTA INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL INC. 16-FEB-2004 Panama Costa Rica Panama Papers
HIGGINS CAPITAL INC. 13-JUL-2004 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
NAVAJO CAPITAL S.A. 04-JUN-2004 Panama Cyprus Panama Papers
POTTER CAPITAL S.A. 12-JUL-2004 Panama Panama Panama Papers
THAIS CAPITAL S.A. 19-JUL-2004 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
OLVEX CAPITAL CORP. 04-MAY-2004 Panama Venezuela Panama Papers
DAUPHIN INVESTMENTS CAPITAL CORP. 25-APR-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
QUENNEVAIS CAPITAL S.A. 08-JUL-2008 Panama Panama Panama Papers
JUST CAPITAL INC. 21-APR-2005 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
GREENWICH BUSINESS CAPITAL INC. 12-JUN-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
GRANT CAPITAL CORPORATION 12-SEP-2003 Panama Panama Panama Papers
LANARCK INVESTMENTS CAPITAL CORP. 08-JUL-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
COLLAGE CAPITAL CORP. 11-DEC-2006 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
BIRTLE CAPITAL S.A. 22-DEC-2006 Panama Panama Panama Papers
MARL CAPITAL CORP. 07-JAN-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ZUZUMI CAPITAL S.A. 28-APR-2005 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
GOLDEN CAPITAL INVESTMENT S.A. 12-APR-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ROSEWOOD CAPITAL INVESTMENTS CORP. 13-MAY-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ATLANTIC HOLDING CAPITAL S.A. 17-MAY-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
FLORA CAPITAL S.A. 30-MAY-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
AARON CAPITAL INC. 10-APR-2007 Panama Italy Panama Papers
FREEPORT CAPITAL S.A. 25-JAN-2007 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
PACON CAPITAL CORP. 10-JAN-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
EMMET HOLDING CAPITAL CORP. 21-OCT-2008 Panama Panama Panama Papers
COMTEL CAPITAL S.A. 13-MAY-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
DESOTO CAPITAL S.A. 24-MAY-2007 Panama Panama Panama Papers
FLEMISH CAPITAL CORP. 19-JUN-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
TAMBAY CAPITAL INC. 06-JUL-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
VENSTAR CAPITAL S.A. 11-MAY-2005 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
BLUEBIRD CAPITAL HOLDINGS INC. 29-JUN-2005 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
JACKVILLE OVERSEAS CAPITAL INC. 09-JUL-2007 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
GSTAAD CAPITAL INC. 15-DEC-2008 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
MATRIX CAPITAL S.A. 14-JAN-2009 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
BALMONT CAPITAL S.A. 19-SEP-2005 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
SELTON SERVICES CAPITAL CORP. 30-SEP-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
TEMERAIRE CAPITAL S.A. 19-JAN-2009 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
OLSTON CAPITAL INC. 14-MAY-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
TABOGA ENTERPRISES CAPITAL S.A. 22-MAY-2009 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
CHAMBERLAIN CAPITAL INC. 03-FEB-2010 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
AURELIO CAPITAL S.A. 24-AUG-2009 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
ANNEKA CAPITAL S.A. 09-JUN-2010 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
KMR CAPITAL CORP. 19-AUG-2010 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
SIRELLA CAPITAL INC. 25-NOV-2009 Panama Liechtenstein Panama Papers
PENRICH CAPITAL S.A. 11-DEC-2009 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
NUCON CAPITAL CORP. 13-OCT-2010 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
SUNSHINE CAPITAL INVESTMENT, S.A. 10-SEP-2003 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
KARA CAPITAL INVESTMENTS CORP. 19-JAN-2011 Panama Dominican Republic Panama Papers
BROOKLINE CAPITAL ENTERPRISES INC. 08-FEB-2011 Panama United States Panama Papers

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