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BALO CAPITAL CORP. 04-JAN-2005 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
GRANDLEY CAPITAL S.A. 03-JAN-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
AFRICA CAPITAL S.A. 12-MAY-2004 Panama Spain Panama Papers
OLSEN CAPITAL S.A. 18-JUN-2004 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
CASCADA CAPITAL CORP. 13-JAN-2004 Panama Panama Panama Papers
PEACOCK CAPITAL CORP. 04-JAN-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
PALLADIUM CAPITAL CORP. 07-JAN-2004 Panama Brazil Panama Papers
ZILKO CAPITAL S.A. 04-JAN-2005 Panama Israel Panama Papers
HOUNSLOW CAPITAL INC. 19-MAY-2005 Panama Panama Panama Papers
LAMBETH CAPITAL, S.A. 13-MAY-2005 Panama Panama Panama Papers
SUNRISE CAPITAL S.A. 20-APR-2004 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
TREND CAPITAL S.A. 11-MAY-2004 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
BALDINGER CAPITAL S.A. 26-JAN-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
BRIDGE INVESTMENTS CAPITAL S.A. 31-JAN-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ERSO CAPITAL INC. 29-MAR-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CACTUS CAPITAL S.A. 12-JAN-2005 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
CHERVIN CAPITAL CORP. 27-JAN-2004 Panama Philippines Panama Papers
CAPITAL GLORY HOLDINGS INC. 12-MAR-2003 Panama Panama Panama Papers
ESTRELLA CAPITAL S.A. 14-MAR-2005 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
BETTON CAPITAL GLOBAL INC. 07-MAR-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
EDGWARE CAPITAL, S.A. 13-MAY-2005 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
MARGO CAPITAL INC. 01-DEC-2004 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
HOUSTON CAPITAL INCORPORATED 03-JAN-2005 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
WANER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT INC. 09-FEB-2004 Panama Venezuela Panama Papers
DOLLY CAPITAL INC. 09-JUN-2005 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
MIEL CAPITAL S.A. 09-MAY-2005 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
BALEHILL CAPITAL CORPORATION 06-FEB-2004 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
P.T.L. CAPITAL CORP. 10-MAY-2005 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
BERLEY CAPITAL S.A. 17-AUG-2005 Panama Panama Panama Papers
MIURA CAPITAL S.A. 06-APR-2005 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
HOUNSLOW CAPITAL INC. 19-MAY-2005 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
EVANDIG CAPITAL INC. 26-MAY-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
GRAVITAS CAPITAL CORP. 22-SEP-2006 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
COLUMBIA DEVELOPMENT CAPITAL S.A. 12-JUN-2008 Panama Brazil Panama Papers
FTE CAPITAL PARTNERS INC. 25-MAR-2008 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
GOZO CAPITAL INC. 12-SEP-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
IMPERIAL CAPITAL ADVISORS CORP. 01-JUL-2008 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
INVESCO Capital, Inc. 25-JUN-2007 Panama Venezuela Panama Papers
AURORA CAPITAL GROUP S.A. 12-JUN-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ASHFORD CAPITAL INC. 15-OCT-2007 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
STRANSON EQUITIES CAPITAL S.A. 11-AUG-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
AVALANGE CAPITAL INC. 21-MAR-2007 Panama Brazil Panama Papers
GEMI CAPITAL INC. 16-MAY-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
BLACKWOOD OVERSEAS CAPITAL INC. 22-MAY-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
BLT INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL INC. 09-JUN-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
RUSHMOOR CAPITAL INC. 15-OCT-2007 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
ROSEWOOD INVESTMENTS CAPITAL INC. 01-FEB-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
CUANZA CAPITAL INVESTMENTS CORP. 20-JUN-2008 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
GROVE INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL INC. 11-JUL-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
RONELL CAPITAL S.A. 10-JUL-2007 Panama United States Panama Papers
POL INVESTMENTS CAPITAL CORP. 07-MAY-2007 Panama Andorra Panama Papers
FOXHILL CAPITAL S.A. 09-MAR-2007 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
RODINET CAPITAL CORPORATION 23-OCT-2007 Panama Argentina Panama Papers
ACROMAR CAPITAL S.A. 29-MAR-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
EVA CAPITAL CORPORATION 29-OCT-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
PROJECT FINANCE CAPITAL INC. 19-MAR-2008 Panama Samoa Panama Papers
Agri Traders Capital S.A. 02-APR-2008 Panama Gibraltar Panama Papers
LAURIER CAPITAL S.A. 09-JUL-2007 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
HAYSVILLE CAPITAL S.A. 19-OCT-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
VALENCIA CAPITAL S.A. 02-AUG-2007 Panama Brazil Panama Papers
SANTIAGO INVESTMENTS CAPITAL S.A. 20-JUN-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
SAMMART CAPITAL S.A. 10-MAY-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
LASER SCIENCE CAPITAL S.A. 13-DEC-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
VISIONEER CAPITAL, S.A. 23-APR-2007 Panama Panama Panama Papers
BLACKSAND CAPITAL CORP. 13-FEB-2008 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
KENFIELD CAPITAL INC. 08-JUL-2008 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
PORTO VECCHIO CAPITAL S.A. 04-JUL-2008 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
Swiss Capital Management, INC. 17-SEP-2007 Panama Panama Panama Papers
BLACKWOOD OVERSEAS CAPITAL INC. 22-MAY-2008 Panama Panama Panama Papers
LANDRY CAPITAL CORPORATION 29-AUG-2008 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
AUBAINE CAPITAL S.A. 19-OCT-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
HATLEY CAPITAL INC. 09-NOV-2007 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
DAVOS CAPITAL S.A. 13-MAR-2008 Panama Hong Kong Panama Papers
ORBRITON ENTERPRISES CAPITAL CORP. 26-FEB-2008 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
LEXINGTON CAPITAL HOLDINGS CORP. 21-JUN-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
URBAN TRADING CAPITAL INC. 10-JAN-2008 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
REDWOOD CAPITAL GROUP S.A. 16-JUL-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
VERONICA CAPITAL CORPORATION 25-JUN-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
KENDAL INVESTMENTS CAPITAL S.A. 23-JUN-2008 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
MT HOLDINGS CAPITAL INC. 09-MAY-2007 Panama Panama Panama Papers
ROYHILL CAPITAL CORP. 14-JAN-2008 Panama Liechtenstein Panama Papers
BUDD CAPITAL INC. 28-FEB-2008 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
FUTURA CAPITAL CORP. 29-FEB-2008 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
KENVILLE CAPITAL S.A. 14-MAR-2008 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
ONSHORE INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL INC. 01-APR-2008 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
SUNBUM CAPITAL S.A. 11-JAN-2008 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
GLORY STAR CAPITAL S.A. 15-APR-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ESCOT TRADE CAPITAL CORP. 10-JUL-2008 Panama Panama Panama Papers
DORVAL INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL CORP. 21-DEC-2007 Panama Panama Panama Papers
LAERTON CAPITAL CORP. 07-AUG-2008 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
SPARROW CAPITAL S.A. 23-APR-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
DORSEY CAPITAL S.A. 17-OCT-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
ANDREWS CAPITAL CORP. 09-JAN-2008 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
HILL CAPITAL TEAM INC. 18-SEP-2007 Panama Samoa Panama Papers
RODWAY CAPITAL CORP. 28-JUN-2007 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
KRIL INVESTMENT CAPITAL INC. 04-JAN-2008 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ARANDA CAPITAL S.A. 09-NOV-2006 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
FORA INVESTMENT CAPITAL INC. 28-AUG-2007 Panama Samoa Panama Papers

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