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ISLINGTON ASSOCIATES S.A. 10-APR-2007 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
PASADENA ASSOCIATES INC. 05-SEP-1984 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
AXON CAPITAL INC. 18-SEP-2007 Panama Samoa Panama Papers
DUFF ANTIK ART S.A. 01-MAR-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
LATIN AMERICAN TRIAL ADVISORS INC. LATA) 07-NOV-2007 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
CH-Advice S.A. 06-JUL-2006 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
LENFIELD ASSETS CORPORATION 04-MAR-2008 Panama Panama Panama Papers
AVENTURA SERVICE S.A. 14-DEC-2006 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
OPUS ACQUISITION CORP. 22-DEC-2006 Panama Barbados Panama Papers
LANSING ASSETS S.A. 26-APR-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
SECLOR ASSOCIATES CORP. 16-NOV-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
AILLAS SERVICES S.A. 03-JAN-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
GRASMONT ASSETS S.A. 24-JAN-2006 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
ALEXANDRETTA INC. 12-OCT-2006 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
AURIOL FINANCE S.A. 13-MAY-2005 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
HELI ANCON, S.A. 12-JUL-2007 Panama Panama Panama Papers
SARESCO AFRICA DUTY FREE HOLDINGS S.A. 27-DEC-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
TANAMERA ASSOCIATES CORP. 19-NOV-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
SAINT-ANTOINE S.A. 26-FEB-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ARDINGTON BUSINESS CORP. 04-JAN-2006 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ADANNA BUSINESS S.A. 13-MAR-2006 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
DEVE TRADING CO., S. A. 22-NOV-1983 Panama Venezuela Panama Papers
GRANADA ASOCIADOS S.A. 09-OCT-2006 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
ASALA S.A. 22-DEC-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
NIKOPOL ASSETS S.A. 25-APR-2007 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
TEXOR ASSOCIATES INC. 07-MAY-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ALGARVE BUSINESS CORPORATION, S.A. 21-SEP-2005 Panama Panama Panama Papers
KOMFIELD ASSETS S.A. 06-FEB-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
ASGARD TRADING CORPORATION 26-APR-2007 Panama Barbados Panama Papers
MERCURY PROPERTIES S. A. 04-APR-1984 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
JACQUELINE ASSET S.A. 15-NOV-2007 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
BURNS ASSOCIATES INC. 07-DEC-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
AUDIOFAST INVESTIMENTOS S.A. 20-DEC-2006 Panama Portugal Panama Papers
MADERAS AMERICANAS TRADING INC. 13-DEC-2006 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
NORTHMEAD ASSETS CORP. 28-JUN-2006 Panama Panama Panama Papers
SAINTS INCORPORATED, S. A. 01-AUG-1977 Panama South Africa Panama Papers
TRIDENT OVERSEAS S. A. 14-SEP-1984 Panama Guernsey Panama Papers
AMIENS BUSINESS CORP. 25-APR-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
ROCQUES ASSETS S.A. 15-FEB-2007 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
Amazonic Alternative for Life AMALIFE Inc. 22-APR-2005 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
ARTISTIC TRADING S.A. 05-MAY-2006 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
AURORA BUSINESS TRADING S.A. 16-JUN-2009 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
AVELINO DEVELOPMENT S.A. 17-JUN-2009 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
GAL Aviation Group Corp. 20-APR-2009 Panama United States Panama Papers
ADLINGTON TRADING CORP. 26-MAR-2009 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
DALTON ADVISORS CORP. 16-NOV-2006 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
ARISTOTE EQUITIES CORP. 20-MAR-2009 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
FRANQUICIAS DE CENTROAMERICA, S. A. 08-APR-2009 Panama Costa Rica Panama Papers
WORLD AIR CONSULT S.A. 26-MAR-2009 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
DEVON ASSOCIATES INC. 01-AUG-1985 Panama Guernsey Panama Papers
BLUE AIR ESTATE S.A. 21-MAY-2009 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
MEDMAR SHIPPING S. A. 06-AUG-1985 Panama Panama Panama Papers
ASSET SECURITIES INC. 02-JUL-1985 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
POLIMEROS Y FIBRAS DE CENTRO AMERICA, INC. 12-MAY-2009 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
Asociación General de Inversionistas S.A. "AGI" 21-APR-2009 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
ASTRON COMPANY INC. 24-MAR-2009 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
TRADE INTERNATIONAL AND FINANCE LIMITED, S.A. 05-AUG-1985 Panama United Kingdom Panama Papers
AMBITION DEVELOPMENT S.A. 14-APR-2009 Panama Ecuador Panama Papers
SUD AMERICA TRADING GROUP S.A. 02-JUL-2009 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
SINTENCO TRADING AND SERVICES S.A. 12-NOV-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ATIKA ASSOCIATED CORP. 15-MAY-2009 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
AIS CAPITAL CORP. 04-AUG-2010 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
SUPERSTAR ASSETS S.A. 25-MAR-2009 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
ALTAF INVESTMENTS INC. 02-AUG-1985 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
TRADE ALIMENTAIRE OLEIN CORP. 03-AUG-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
ANTMA INTERNATIONAL S.A. 21-APR-2009 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
ASMONIA INVESTMENTS CORP. 07-JUL-2009 Panama Monaco Panama Papers
GRESHAM INTERNATIONAL S. A. 21-AUG-1985 Panama Mauritius Panama Papers
Landscape At Twilight Inc. 12-MAY-2009 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
Alton Limited S.A. 31-AUG-2010 Panama El Salvador Panama Papers
ADELA TRADING INC. 29-NOV-1977 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
ATADJAN ASSETS MANGEMENT INC. 07-JUL-2009 Panama Panama Panama Papers
BROWNBAY ASSETS S.A. 07-JUL-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
Alexandria Circle, S.A. 20-MAY-2009 Panama Panama Panama Papers
ADDERLEY INTERNATIONAL INC. 28-APR-2009 Panama Honduras Panama Papers
HP ANDINO S.A. 27-AUG-1985 Panama Bahamas Panama Papers
ANECTIS S.A. 15-APR-2009 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
STARIVER ASSETS INCORPORATED 26-JUN-2009 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
TURISMO SUDAMERICANO S. A. (TURISA) 21-AUG-1985 Panama United States Panama Papers
ACTIVOS UNIFICADOS, SOCIEDAD ANONIMA 07-JUL-2009 Panama Guatemala Panama Papers
HIBISCUS ALLIANCE S.A. 21-MAY-2009 Panama Lebanon Panama Papers
ABINGER CONSULTING SERVICES INC. 24-MAY-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
SELSEY ASSOCIATES INC. 21-AUG-1985 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
FLOORS INVESTMENTS, S. A. 16-APR-1979 Panama Jersey Panama Papers
AA INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS S.A. 13-DEC-2011 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
FERNSWAY ASSETS CORPORATION 20-OCT-2010 Panama United Arab Emirates Panama Papers
Magic Business Associates S.A. 29-NOV-2011 Panama Uruguay Panama Papers
R&Z ASSET MANAGERS CORP. 24-NOV-2011 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
AXFORD HOLDINGS INC. 27-MAY-1986 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
ARQUANT SERVICES S.A. 03-JAN-2011 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
AC ENERGY WORLD S.A. 30-NOV-2010 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers
LOYAL AGENCY CORPORATION 15-FEB-2012 Panama Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Panama Papers
AVUZZY TRADING S.A. 03-JAN-2011 Panama United Arab Emirates Panama Papers
ALSA LEATHER CORPORATION INC. 05-JAN-1984 Panama Panama Panama Papers
AMNETPRO INC. 01-OCT-2010 Panama Colombia Panama Papers
NEW BUSINESS HOLDINGS S. A. 14-MAY-1986 Panama Luxembourg Panama Papers
ANCRONA EQUITIES INCORPORATED 03-OCT-2011 Panama Switzerland Panama Papers

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